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Shelves Over The Toilet As The Additional Storage For Bathroom Supplies

The storage issue is relevant to every small bathroom. Unless you have enough space to squeeze in a large and capacious storage furniture piece, you need to put to use the unemployed dead and nasty corners. In this regard, the area above the flush toilet possesses a certain potential to be fulfilled, especially if the toilet tank is positioned in adjacency to the wall rather than shut away. A wall cabinet or a couple of shelves placed over the toilet will not be detaining, since the unit will be located over the tank rather than your head.

bath shelves over toilet

What Can Be Stored On The Over-The-Toilet Shelves?

Towels, shampoos, toothbrushes, pieces of soap and other bathing essentials are multiplied by the number of your family members, which makes it challenging to accommodate everything within convenient reach. However, all the items and supplies you need for the daily hygiene-related activities and house clean-ups can be safely stored in the over-the-toilet cabinet.

Having placed a couple of shelves over the toilet, you will accomplish the storage challenge and probably even obtain the opportunity to arrange some additional bathroom decorations. Any free spots on the shelves can be occupied with figurines, small potted plants, vases with flowers, scented candles and other similar minor items that set up the bathroom atmosphere and help to support the design concept throughout the interior.

shelf that goes over toilet

A Wall Cabinet Or A Shelving Unit?

An over-the-toilet cabinet with non-transparent doors is mostly employed in bathrooms that tend to the minimalist concept. Such an interior requires minor items and details to be shut down. A combination bathroom is another reason to utilize a cabinet, especially if you intend to store toothbrushes in the over-the-toilet unit.

But again, open shelves or shelving units allow for implementation of various decor solutions. Another merit is the fact that shelves are lightweight and easy to mount onto the wall. If you need to hide away the contents, a textile curtain may be introduced as the facade.


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