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New Toilet Designs – A Combination of Transformation and Hygiene

The toilets are often neglected when someone renovates their houses. Actually, it is being considered an ordinary appliance but not from now because we are presenting the new toilet designs which is undeniably innovative yet beautiful.

Since technology has taken over, from television to readymade food we expect technology to improve every activity we perform. so why not using high-tech toilets which make your toilet experience more comfy and refreshing.

Quiet Close Elongated Toilet

Since it is the age of multifunctional things. Our toilets should be multifunctional as well. Although the structure of a toilet has changed quite a bit over the centuries, the basic function has been the same. Not now! let us have a view at some of the many functions available on toilets and toilet seats.


  • Basic seats offer the most basic need: light. Let’s assume it’s 3 AM and you are feeling to pee, keeping your eyes hardly open to prevent yourself from waking up entirely, so you switch on the light, you nearly blinding yourself and now you are totally awake. In case your seat had some sort of light, you would quickly take care of your own business and go back into bed. So what makes your toilet well-lit as per your need? you can find a simple glow-in-the-dark seat in new toilet ideas.
  •  An extremely quiet close lid: as the name suggests Quiet close lids do exactly the same, with a sensor or a simple tap down, the lids close softly.
  • Another most important function is Flush: Single flush is standard, but dual flushing is beyond your imagination. There is one button for liquid waste, uses less water, and the other button is for solid waste.
  • The modern toilet design is antibacterial and effectively kills germs and bacteria.
  • Here comes the most admirable function which is self-cleaning. The latest technology saves your time and effort by skipping cleaning the inside of the bowl for a little longer than the standard bowl.

Luxe Bidet

Toilets are not definitely an afterthought when redesigning a bathroom anymore. New toilet designs and its technology complements the rest of the room. Make sure not to stay too long, or your spouse may think where you went.

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