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Square Bathroom Sink: Contemporary Looking Elegance

Traditionally, bathroom washbasins came in oval or round shape, but not so long ago rectangular and square sinks rose to popularity.

square bathroom sink

Why choose square sink of all others?

Square and rectangular sinks look contemporary, so it’s a nice choice for the homeowners who want to modernize their bathrooms. Straight lines of the wash-basin harmonize with rectangular shelves and mirrors. Don’t be afraid to install the foursquare sink in the same premise with oval bathtub. Such combination of shapes looks unusual but really nice. Square sink fits perfectly into corners, so if you decided to use corner bathroom wash-basin, the rectangular-shaped bowl is exactly what you need.

Foursquare wash-basin is usually deeper and wider comparing to a standard oval one, so water splashes out of it less. If you used to wash some delicate clothing in the sink, square one will be more convenient. Pedestal or wall mount square wash-basins offer additional space on the ledges, so you can have your soap, toothbrush, etc. available at hand.

square drop in bathroom sink

Tips And Advice On How To Upgrade Your Bathroom With Square Sink

The color and material of wash basin depend fully on your preference. However, always choose bathroom fixtures made of durable, non-porous materials, resistive to stains, scrapes, and spills.

If you decide to replace mounted oval or round sink with square one, you may need also to replace the whole vanity countertop too, as the sink most probably won’t fit in round/oval countertop cutout.


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