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Ofuro Soaking Tubs: The Vibe Of Japan In Your Bathroom

The soaking tub traditionally employed in Japanese bathrooms is called ofuro. As a rule, it is a round container made of Hinoki cypress. This wood species is distinguished by antibacterial properties; it’s highly durable, resistant to rot, mould and vermin. The international alternative for Hinoki cypress is cedar, which possesses the same properties and emanates a slight pleasant pine scent when you pour hot water into the tub. Today, manufacturers also offer Japanese tubs made of metal or acrylic composite, but such fixtures stand no comparison with a real wooden ofuro.

The traditional Japanese soaking tub is 32 inches deep and 55 inches long. Inside, the ofuro may have a seat for the occupant’s comfort. Bathing in such a bathtub is a whole ritual, and to prevent the water from losing heat, they put several hot stones in the water. From the Japanese point of view, the perfect way of exploiting the ofuro is to place it in the outdoor garden, which will enable you to behold and admire the beauty of nature while soaking.

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Ofuro Tubs In The Bathroom Interior

A Japan-inspired bathroom is the domain of harmony, calm colors, simple shapes and clear lines. Designers usually separate the room into zones intended for taking the shower, soaking in the ofuro and dressing up. Shoji partitions can be introduced to create a truly Japanese interior. Worth noting, the ofuro bathtub is intended for soaking only; the shower is the proper place for all the bathing.

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The bathroom that accommodates an ofuro tub always boasts an abundance of natural materials. According to Japanese designers, at least a half of all the finishing materials in such a room should be wood. The presence of natural stone is also welcome, although in moderate amounts.

Soaking in an ofuro tub produces the best effect on your well-being and health when the surrounding interior is not encumbered. Nothing should distract you from thinking about the eternal. Therefore, most Japanese bathrooms that include an ofuro tub are designed by minimalist principles.

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