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Top 3 Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas

Grey is a universal color, used widely in bathroom interior design. It looks lovely of its own accord, as well as in combination with almost all other colors. Therefore, grey bathroom tile ideas are inexhaustible.

Grey Tile For Monochrome/Greyscale Bathroom

Monochrome (black, grey and white) and grayscale (mix of shades of the grey) color schemes are a reasonable choice for small bathroom premise. Such a sombre colorway is simple, minimalistic and stylish at the same time. Arguably, it is one of the surest versions of bathroom color shade matching.

You can mix the tiles of monochrome colors in arranged chessboard fashion, make geometric patterns or gradient, depending on your preferences. Dark grey makes an elegant combination with pure white bathroom fitments. For the homeowners who want something unusual and classy at the same time, there is a nice alternative: walls, decorated with white and pale grey tile and black sanitaryware.

grey bathroom floor tile

Grey Tile With Colored Ornaments

Contrast floral patterns on grey tile look awesomely pretty. Dainty pink, lavender blue or light yellow flowers (sakura, lilac Japanese, hydrangea, Siberian acacia, etc.) on graphite grey tile will add a note of tenderness to your bathroom. Rich pink, orange, purple flowers (peonies, lilies, orchids) on light grey walls can easily become eye-catching elements of the toilet room décor.

Geometric ornaments of any color combinations, should it be modest black-and-white or chic golden and magenta will fit the interior appropriately, as long as they harmonize perfectly with the grey background color. Even twirl ornaments look rather glamorously stylish than kitschy on the grey tiles.

light grey tile bathroom

Grey Tile As a Part Of Tile Mosaic

There are plenty of bathroom tile mosaic ideas, from versicoloured oriental patterns on the grey background to classic mix of small greyscale abaciscus. Choose the one, that will complement the overall style of your interior. Thanks to manufacturers’ far-sightedness, you won’t have to piece together small mosaics as a puzzle – it is sold in large pre-assembled tiles.

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