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How to Decorate Your Bath With Blue Bathroom Tiles

The colour blue truly connects with bathrooms as they are connected to the colour of water and this is why many people wish to decorate their little quiet space with blue bathroom tiles. So what is it that people see in the colour blue and why they wish to have blue bathrooms? Here is insight on the colour blue.

Minimalist Bathroom Color Schemes Blue

Blue is the natural colour for sky and water. It also happens to be the colour which is equally appealing to both men and women. While some shades of the colour blue are associated with serenity and tranquillity some darker others are thought to be lively and energetic. It is said that blue also the colour which brings about self-confidence.

It is because of these reasons that people look forward to having blue tiles bathroom. This is place where people ponder over many things and make many decisions. The colour blue is a wonderful choice to decorate your bathroom with tiles.

Best Handpainted Tile

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tile

  • You can use different colours of blue tiles and use them on the floor and walls of the bathroom.
  • Blue glass mosaic will make your bathroom look lavish. You can keep your floor of a different colour while the ceiling and walls can have the save colour.
  • You can have rectangular blue tiles in a stacked design giving a neat look.
  • You can also give a pixel look to your bathroom using different shades of blue such as turquoise and indigo with white tiles inserted here and there.
  • Blue tiles can also be used as backsplashes for tubs, showers or even as border tiles. White accent tiles would look amazingly beautiful.
  • Glossy blue tiles for bathroom especially that of indigo colour for the bathroom walls is a wonderful idea.

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