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Pretty Bathrooms With Bathroom Border Tiles

Designing a luxurious bathroom is easy with bathroom border tiles. With these border tiles one can create zones, highlight a specific area, depict that an area finishes there or use it as a frame. There is a lot that can be done with these border tiles to make your quiet space into a luxurious looking room. Border tiles are available easily in the market. You just need to be innovative with the way you wish to use it.

Mosaic Border Tile

Create the Look of a Rug

Just as there is a variety of colours and designs that you can find in tiles in the same way there are unlimited options in border tiles. Placing the border tiles in a diagonal way maybe opposite the wash basin gives an illusion of a wider space. You can also place border tiles in the standing space of your shower for the look of a rug being placed.

Countertop or Shower Backsplashes

Pretty border tiles for bathrooms can be combined with accent tiles to create a mesmerizing decoration which can act as backsplashes around the countertop. You don’t have to make it completely thin the border can be made thicker for a unique and different look.

Tile Border Ideas

Use it as a Frame

Border tiles will look amazing if they are lined it as a frame matching the colours of the other tiles. You can border the cabinet, the mirror, windows or even to create a backdrop for your showering place. You can also use border tiles in the doorway where your tub is placed to distinguish it from the remaining bathroom.

Border the Tub

Use bathroom border tiles to border your tub make it look special and different. Border tiles can also be used to highlight designs spirals or curves.

You can get pretty creative with bathroom tile borders. You can look online for bathroom designing ideas and renovate your bathroom accordingly.

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