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The Best Natural Bathroom Stone Tile

Natural stones are charming and beautiful in their own way and look wonderful when laid in homes however, when it comes to selecting a bathroom stone tile, it is important to consider both the aesthetics and performance characteristics.

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This is why the most popular choices include natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, quartzite, basalt and slate. However, before you select the stone tile for your bathroom there are some technical characteristics that should be kept in mind so that you are sure that the material you select is the best for your home.

Bathroom is prone to moisture especially around the bathtubs and showers. All natural stones should be sealed before the bathroom is used. The most preferred stones to be used in a bathroom are granite, marble and slate. For people staying in high temperature regions have an upper hand while selecting natural stones and can go for limestone, travertine and sandstone.

There are some natural stones that have calcium or magnesium carbonate like marble, limestone and travertine may react to acidic cleaners and maintenance products. So if you are picking a natural bathroom stone tile for you then you should also be aware of the type of cleaning products that would be suitable for them.

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Bathrooms usually get slippery and while you pick a natural stone check for – COF (Coefficient of Friction) and DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction). DCOF happens to be the most reliable measure which indicates that the stone tile bathroom is perfect to be used in the shower areas and will prevent slips or falls.

Irrespective of the type of natural stone you pick use a sealant to seal it. This ensures its longevity. Stones such as limestone, terracotta and sandstone need to be sealed before they are laid while travertine, granite and marble should be sealed after they are laid.


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