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Bathroom Lighting: the Dreamy Design Ideas

There’s nothing luxurious or magical about a regular bathroom ceiling lights. Meanwhile, the lighting is the most powerful designing tool that is able to change an interior radically and shift the general styling idea from boring to brilliant one. Chandeliers, recessed and perimeter illuminating, decorative wall sconces, there are so many ways to light your restroom in the uttermost exquisite way.

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Some Tips on Effective Illumination the Tub and Vanity Areas

Hang a prismatic crystal pendant right above the sink mirror and you will add an enigmatic sparkle, softly glowing throughout the all space. Use multiple layers to create a touch of luxury in your bathroom illuminating. Place unique makeup lighting on the sink table, if you have one, decorate wall with the scones and mount white ceiling lights right over the sink. You may also enrich the general picture with glass or crystal perimeter recessed illumination to get a sparkling effect.

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In case you live in a cottage, you will definitely like even lighting the vanity area. You will need a couple of glitzy scones hung near the mirror and three or more clam-shell light placed along the perimeter of the powder room. Thus, you will achieve steady cross illuminating with no glare. Be sure to use LED strips fixed either at the bottom or at the ceiling edges to reach jewel effect and bring some drama to your restroom. Look through the gallery offered in this section to start your inspiration and create unique bathroom illuminating ideas.

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