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Bathroom Vintage Style: Giving the Old Vanity the Second Chance

Classical elegance – these words are met in the famous designers’ talks more and more and used to bring a touch of gracefulness and good taste into the home décor. No surprise, that the antique and vintage styles are so appreciated by modern lodgers all around the world. But, everybody knows that the Devil is in the details, so if you want to keep tight to the theme of your apartment decor, be wary of using antique and vintage style bathroom vanity because it will match the overall look perfectly.

vintage style bathroom vanity

Some Tips on Using Vintage Items in the Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom vanity is an ideal variant to make your powder room shining. Nevertheless, be sure to choose the right combination of the vanity top’s texture and mirrors’ edging if you want to get an absolutely winning ensemble. The last ones come in a broad array of sizes, materials, colors, and shapes. In case you’ve chosen wooden vanity top don’t neglect bronze or metal accessories; the pink mirror edges will do good with white vanity, but will poorly support brown color of the basin’s base.

antique double sink bathroom vanity

To repurpose old furniture – is a time-proven method to refresh the restroom. But, don’t try to install the truly “ancient” pieces into high-tech bathrooms. It will look awful. Though, feel free to use, for instance, a pretty vintage table that will take a vessel basin promptly. Don’t stop on tables only. Look around, you may get in many other things in a game, as dressers, sideboards, or desks. However, using a truly priceless antique in the powder room does not sound good and has no practical reason.

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