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Elongated Toilet Seat Covers Designed For Your Comfort

What Are Elongated Toilet Seat Covers Used For?

Elongated toilet seat covers were designed specially to fit oblong toilet bowl shape. Thanks to manufacturers, nowadays these covers are available in any and all colors and patterns, from classic white or beige to multicolored ones with funny prints. Therefore, the toilet seat covering turns into a small but eye-catching decorative component.

grey elongated toilet seat

How To Choose Proper Cover For Elongated Toilet Seat

Elongated toilet seat cover has to be:

  • Durable. Made of scratch-resistant materials that do not have a static effect (i.e. the dirt and dust do not stick on them). Pay additional attention to the hardware and hinges (they have to be made of solid material).
  • Easy to install. The installation shouldn’t require any additional tools and hardware (except the bindings and anchors included to the package).
  • Easy to use. Choose cloth toilet seat cover with special skid-resistant backing (usually made of latex), so it won’t slide and cause discomfort. As for the plastic or resin ones, they have to be equipped with grip-tight bumpers. Avoid covers with draw strings, as they are quite inconvenient to use. Make sure the seat and the lid are quiet-close, so they won’t slam unexpectedly with a loud sound.
  • Easy to clean. The covers made of non-porous materials (resin, dyroplast) that do not absorb dirt or machine washable synthetics (nylon, polyester fiber, etc.) are the best. The hinges have to be quick to release, so you can easily access and clean the attaching spots.


potty seat for elongated toilet

Double check if the cover dimensions are suitable for your toilet bowl. Some manufacturers offer adjustable ones, however, it is recommended to use the seat cover that fits the seat precisely.

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