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Everything You Need To Know About Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

The comfort of our everyday life is composed of nice little things, one of which is the convenient pedestal sink. It’s a plumbing fixture typical for classic bathroom interiors. Also, it’s a great compromise solution for those homeowners who would like to have a wall-mounted sink but have doubts regarding the strength and stability of the corresponding wall. In this case, the pedestal serves as an additional support, allowing you to opt for a sink made of a heavy yet sophisticated material, such as marble or granite.

metal pedestal sink

Advantages Of Pedestal Sinks

Versatility of pedestal sinks allows to introduce such a plumbing fixture into a bathroom interior of any design. You just have to approach the choice of shape, color and material sensibly. The second common name of this sink type is compact sink. Due to small size, such a fixture is easily fitted even into tiny bathrooms where the lack of spare space is frustrating. However, despite being small and compact, a pedestal sink hides away all the unattractive water and sewer pipes. The pedestal is usually thin, so the space beneath the sink is mostly spare for any usage.

Although the pedestal is mainly intended for hiding the ugly pipes, it doesn’t have to be plain and humble. There are pedestals of various beautiful sculptural shapes, which fit perfectly into a refined bathroom interior.

narrow pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks are comparatively inexpensive. Essentially, such bathroom fixtures belong to the most budget-friendly category; however, the price of every specific item largely depends on the material, shape, color, and even on the caprices of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, if you compare a pedestal sink with a model of a different type with similar characteristics, the former option will turn out to be the cheaper one.

The installation of a pedestal sink is fairly simple. In fact, it comes down to mounting a couple of metal pins designed for holding the fixture against the wall. The faucet and the plumbing trap may cause difficulties; however, this aspect of installation is often troublesome, independent of the sink type.

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