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Mosaic Bathroom Tiles – Advantages & Types

Practical and elegant, mosaic tiles are able to introduce a certain charm into the bathroom design, refining and elevating it. The aesthetic and decorative properties of mosaic bathroom tiles usually exceed those of plastic panels, wallpaper and ordinary ceramic tiling. A mosaic is resistant to intense levels of moisture and humidity, various chemical impacts and fading. Another advantage of this finishing material is the absence of visible seams between individual tiles, as opposed to ordinary ceramic tiles. The contemporary market also offers flexible mosaic tiles, which are perfectly suitable for finishing a surface of a complicated geometric shape.

mosaic tile borders bathroom

The variety of colors and shades allows for employing mosaic tiles in bathroom interiors of any design style. Due to its satin gloss, the finishing material facilitates visual expansion of the space. A mosaic panel picture is able to make a bathroom interior stylish and unique. The main disadvantage of mosaic bathroom tiles is the high cost as compared to other types of decorative materials.

bathroom mosaic tile backsplash

Main Types of Bathroom Mosaics

Pixel mosaics require every small piece to be arranged individually. Today it’s considered a luxurious option, since hiring a professional capable of performing such a complicated work isn’t affordable. In addition to the luxurious vibe and strong decorative effect, this solution is perfect for disguising any imperfections of the wall surface.

Flexible mosaics consist of small decorative cells attached to a mesh basis. This material can be employed to decorate complicated interior elements, such as arches, columns and other curved surfaces.

bathroom mosaic tile designs

Mosaic bathroom tiles feature a surface with a mosaic pattern and corresponding incisions. Sometimes this decorative finishing material is also called pseudo-mosaics. It’s a budget-friendly option, virtually indistinguishable from a real mosaic.

The average size of mosaic pieces used in the bathroom interior ranges from 0.5 to 2 inches. The nature of the coating of a tile may vary greatly, including but not limited to glossy, matte, pearlescent and opaque variants.


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