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White Bathroom Vanity – Ideas For Your Inspiration

A white bathroom vanity is an example of traditional bathroom furniture that suits a classic interior marvelously. The vanity topped with a sink plays the role of a major functional element and is often positioned as the focal point of the room. It’s crucial that the white vanity of your choice not only boasts good ergonomics, but also makes a contribution to the overall bathroom design concept.

white bathroom vanity without top

Significance Of Color White

The perception of white depend on the national cultural traditions. In the Western culture, the color embodies purity, peacefulness and chasteness. On the other hand, in some oriental countries, white is associated with grieve and death.

The color includes a number of shades, both warm and cold. If a sterile-white bathroom vanity makes you uncomfortable, opt for a softer tone: ivory, creamy or milk-white. As an alternative, you can select a vanity with decorative ornaments against the white background, with a differently colored countertop or a non-white sink. In particular, an efficient idea of introducing a hint of homely warmth and coziness into the bathroom interior is to pick up a white vanity that features natural wood elements.

white bathroom vanity

Types Of White Bathroom Vanities

The most traditional option is a compact white vanity with two doors. It’s a space-saving furniture choice that suits a moderately-sized bathroom well. Both legged and floor-standing models are available. The former variant is especially suitable for bathrooms with heated floors.

If your bathroom is fairly spacious, think about complementing the interior with two white vanities, stationary and portable. The stationary furniture piece will accommodate the sink, while its cabinets will serve as a storage for all the necessary bathroom supplies, accessories or household chemicals. As for the portable piece, it can be moved around and used as a table, if needed. An interesting idea is a bathroom vanity that consists of two separable elements: a wall-mounted countertop with a sink, and a wheeled storage container. The latter can be easily moved away from the wall during mopping.

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