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Shower Clock as Modern Bathroom Gadget

If your shower cubicle is equipped with the full package of additional options, such as aromatherapy, Swiss shower or hydro massage, you’re likely to lose your internal sense of time, immersing yourself into sheer relaxation. But missing an important meeting or being late for work because of this is probably outside your plans. Fit your shower cabin with a shower clock in order to always keep track of the stream of time! It’s a useful gadget employed in many contemporary bathrooms. Such a clock typically has a waterproof body shell, which prevents water damage of the electronics. A bright dial with contrasting digits makes reading the time easy even amid the steam and water. Sometimes the shower clock comes combined with other devices, such as radio.

waterproof bathroom wall clock

Types Of Bathroom Shower Clocks

The most ordinary type of shower clocks is the one you place on a shelf inside the shower. However, it’s rarely employed in modern bathroom design projects due to its low ergonomic properties. Designers believe it’s irrational to occupy the precious space on the small shelves inside the cubicle with items that may be mounted in a different way.

bathroom mirror clock

Shower clocks mounted with the help of one or several suction cups are considered the most ergonomic option. They are easy to attach in any convenient spot of the cubicle’s inner wall. Suction cups hold great onto almost any surface: glass, plastic, tile, etc. Although silicone suction disks are re-attachable, multiple applications wear them out, making them lose the initial tight grip. That’s why the most wise choice is a shower clock with a replaceable suction cup.

Hourglass shower clocks are not the most convenient option, but they still have their advantages. Usually they come with the amount of sand that measures four minutes, as this is the exact amount of time a person needs to take a shower. Sand bathroom shower timers are mostly intended for people who care about the environment and want to save water and energy during their daily personal hygiene activities.

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