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5 Best Space Saving Bathrooms Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Tiny bathrooms are not a problem anymore. Here are 5 best space saving bathrooms which will add luxury to your home. We all love having some extra space in our bathrooms and it will be immensely laborious when it comes to design a small bathroom. We have to keep certain things in mind while planning for a small bathroom. Mentioned below are some best ideas for designing a bathroom in a cramped area.

Narrow Vanity with Sink

  • Wet bath: They are named exactly as they sound like: because everything in the bathroom can get wet and this is the quite common type of bathrooms in Europe, where you can find a washbasin, a toilet seat, a shower on the top of the toilet seat and a small drainage system within the middle of the floor.

Don’t like too much drenched and soaked bathrooms? Go for a shower curtain which will make your bathrooms less messy.

  • Wall- hung toilet: as their name suggests they are hanging toilets which gives a tremendous huge look to your bathrooms. This style of the bathroom may give a gauzy and a frothy look but once they are properly installed ultimately they become strong.
  • Bathrooms with sliding doors: traditional hanging doors can eat up a great amount of the total area hence giving the bathroom a more compact look. Unlike sliding doors, which saves the precious area over the floor.
  • Corner toilet: they are the best one as they can be fixed in the corner of the bathrooms at the point where the two walls meet and ultimately gives the bathroom a huge look.
  • Narrow sink along with a compact shower: a narrow sink, a compact shower, and a toilet at the corner. This slim profile will enhance the huge look of the bathroom

Corner Toilet

Final thoughts

If you have read the article thoroughly you are now ready to deal with your small bathrooms and believe me if you choose any one of them you will feel the change your compact bathrooms will turn into a space saving ideas for bathroom.

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