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Traditional toilets | Traditional Varieties are Still in Demand

There are various types of toilets but depending upon a few factors. Traditional toilets are a classic example of a timeless type of toilets. It consists of a flushing system generated by a pull chain that works on the principle of gravity flushing system which is very effective since gravity increases the flow of water. Traditional varieties are often regarded as elegant ones. Moreover, they are additionally subcategorized into various kinds.

The main types of traditional toilets fall into the low or high level, close coupled toilet and wall hung toilet categories.

Traditional High Level Toilet

The classic high-level toilet has everything you need to get your traditional bathroom. The low-level design fits perfectly in a bathroom that’s going for that classic period bathroom look, without going all-in on the traditional design. Still there are a lot of people especially the old ones who love to have a traditional bathroom in their homes because of the following features.


  • They are cheaper than modern toilets.
  • They contain a flushing system that is generated by a toilet cistern.
  • The flushing system is gravity-based.
  • They are commonly produced from ceramics.
  •  They consist of a water tank that serves the purpose of water storage.
  • Flushing requires water pressure of 15psi in a traditional system.

Low Level Traditional Toilet


To complete a classic toilet decor, one could opt for a traditional type. A traditional toilet is elegant and timeless. Traditional types are also called Victorian styles that generally consist of a tall, elegant, simple, and timeless white ceramic construct, often matched by sink and bidet. Furthermore different types of traditional cheap toilets and a vast variety of traditional sinks, bidets, commodes, and toilet seat caps, provide many more options to the customers to give their traditional design toilet a look that they want.

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