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Corner Toilet – Neoteric and Stylish Addition to Cramped Spaces

Corner toilet is the first and foremost choice when you are left with a narrow or limited space for bathrooms or in case you want to add an extra bathroom beneath the staircase. A lot of you are now thinking about why to choose this type of toilet especially when you have many other options available in the market. It is just because these kinds of toilets hold some distinct and peculiar properties which make them unique among all.

Every ordinary person may not be blessed with a huge bathroom, they always want a bathroom to which when they enter they don’t feel oppressive. For them, the great venture would be a corner couple toilet.  Because they not only give your bathroom a modish look but ultimately they are involved in providing more area around the floor, in this way they have become more popular space-saving toilets.

Round Bowl Corner Bathroom Toilet

The size of your bathroom does not matter whether you are having a small bathroom or a big one, the installation of a toilet at the corner will right away give your bathroom a more extended, ample and huge appearance.


  • They utilize small area and can be fixed at the point where two walls meet resulting in leaving more space in the bathroom
  • Small equipment to salvage ample space
  • Their different colors, unique designs, fluctuating technologies like dual flush designs and germ-battling techniques make your bathrooms more modern, stylish and extravagant.

Corner Close Couple Toilet


  • In some cases, they may be out of your range as some of their models are quite expensive.
  • Most of the time the toilets come without a seat, and if the seats are added it gives height to the toilet which will be difficult for children to use them.

Final words: 

This article shares the brief features of corner toilets, before buying consider all the factors mentioned above so that you can have a modernized and appealing yet less space-consuming bathroom at the same time.

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