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Sliding Glass Doors In Bathroom Interiors

Sliding glass doors are functional, beautiful and ergonomic. They’ve earned designers’ respect and found multiple applications in bathroom interiors.

Glass Bathroom Doors Of The Sliding Type

The conflict between functionality of various structures and the amount of space they occupy makes interior designers seek compromise solutions. Sliding bathroom doors are an example of such an approach. Their main advantage is the ability to save space in the adjacent room. Even if the dwelling is spacious enough, a better use can be found for the freed couple of square feet. In many interior projects, designers employ semi-transparent glass sliding doors to ensure that some light pours through the panels into the windowless bathroom.

frameless sliding glass shower doors

Sliding bathroom doors with glass leaves are a designer trick often employed in contemporary Japan-inspired interiors. Since the bathroom is associated with high humidity and moisture, the Japanese washi paper traditionally used in shoji doors is not appropriate. Sliding bathroom doors with matted glass sections and bamboo frames will support the interior style, releasing the homeowner from the need to worry about moisture-incurred deformations of the structure.

Shower Stalls With Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are the classic solution for shower cabins and stalls. In comparison with swing doors, the sliding type spares much space. Being perfectly leak-proof and usable, they ensure easy and convenient opening. Depending on the shape of the shower stall, its sliding doors consist of one or two leaves, which are movable on a roller mechanism. Smooth and noiseless sliding is the main attribute of high-quality glass shower doors.

shower doors glass sliding

Many homeowners appreciate the aesthetic properties of glass sliding doors. Framed with metal or plastic, the doors obtain a stylish and modern appearance. The door leaves are often beautified with the help of various glass decorating techniques, such as air-sand matting, engraving, painting, silk-screen printing, etc.

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