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Stall Shower Curtains Buying Guide

Looking for some attractive stall shower curtains for your bathroom? The shower curtains play an important role in defining and proportioning your bathroom’s appearance. These offer the right amount of privacy and also enhances the overall look of the bathroom. However, it can be quite daunting to get the perfect stall size shower curtains for your bathroom. This buying guide on the shower stall curtains might help you out.

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Types of Shower Curtains

  • Synthetic: These are highly simple to maintain and thus are the favorite amongst all buyers. These are able to resist moisture effectively. Some of the most common synthetic stall quality shower curtains include polyester, vinyl, and nylon. The standard size of the synthetic shower curtains is 72 X 72 inches. However, you can customize the size and shape as per your preference.
  • Natural: These are made of natural fabrics like satin, cotton, and silk. However, these are not water resistant and might get easily damaged by excessive moisture. If the natural stall shower curtains are not lined properly, then they might fall prey to molds and mildew.
  • Organic: These are made out of hemp to prevent the bacteria formation. These are also highly easy to maintain. The best part about these shower curtains is that these are environmental-friendly.

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Choosing the Right Curtain Rod

  • Curved: These rods make the shower area look more spacious and can be easily mounted on the walls.
  • Straight: These are most common types of shower rods found in maximum bathrooms. These can also be mounted easily and offer the ease of setting up the shower curtains.
  • Oval Or Circular: These types of rods are ideal for the standing shower area. These would also require the ceiling support.
  • Corner: L-shaped or corner rods are great for shower areas that are not surrounded by walls throughout.

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