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Two Person Bathtubs For A Romantic Couple

What can be more delightful than spending the evening soaking in a hot tub and enjoying the relaxing bathroom atmosphere? Nothing, except for spending this time in the company of your loved one. Modern bathroom interiors allow for combining the home spa experience with a bodily interaction with the dearest person of yours. Keeping this in mind, designers have developed and put into practice a range of two-person bathtub models.

two person jetted tub

Shapes And Sizes Of Bathtubs For Two Persons

While a regular bathtub has a width of at least 32 inches, a fixture intended for a couple of users cannot be narrower than 40 inches. However, the standard dimensions of a two-person bathtub are 75 in x 48 in, which makes this solution suitable only for spacious bathrooms.

Besides the ordinary rectangular shape, manufacturers of two-person bathtubs offer a variety of options. Very popular are heart-shaped bathtubs, which represent a truly romantic solution. Although few homeowners would opt for the model, such a fixture for two occupants works as a perfect complement to a luxurious hotel suite. When surrounded with flowers and burning scented candles, a tub of this shape is a splendid way of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day or a marriage anniversary.

two person clawfoot tub

Two-Person Whirlpools & Designer’s Tubs

While being highly commodious, two-person whirlpool tubs offer a range of functions and features, such as hydro-massage with adjustable intensity, headrests, built-in heaters, LED lights, etc. An oval or round Jacuzzi pool designed for two users typically requires a significant amount of space, while corner tubs seem a more space-saving solution.

A pair of interesting and popular designer’s models of two-person bathtubs are nicknamed “Romeo & Juliet” and “Yin & Yang.” The former provides an opportunity for you and your loved one to share a bubble bath facing each other. The latter includes two containers separated with a partition, so that each of the two users can adjust the water temperature to his or her liking.

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