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How to Add Rainfall Effect to Your Bathroom

Farewell the era of utilitarian spigots! Today’s shower heads are anything but regular. Beginning with sliding bar body sprays and ending with stand-up spas, the bath hardware lineup started raining a sheer amount of tantalizing features. Modern lodgers can even set up their own piece of spa in the bathrooms. All they need to do is to install glorious rain shower heads, just the same as you take after a day spa treatment.

Home accessories market provides a wide range of shapes, textures and designs related to this oversized kind of heads for the showers. Feel free to choose rectangular, oval of round-shaped spigots, the one that is more affordable to your budget. Nevertheless, picking up this kind of shower is the quickest and costly enough way to absolutely redesign and refresh your bathroom area.

large rain shower head

What Type of Mounting to Choose for Rain Shower Heads

The rain shower heads offer its owner a mounting choice – whether it would be placed on the wall or on the ceiling of your bathroom. The regular wall mounting suggests spigots of simple or more exquisite design with adjustable angles of water raining and different spray modes.

Top-mounted heads are additionally divided on two variations of its installing: they can be fixed right onto the ceiling or be hanged from the chromed, bronze of other metal extension arms. Choose this kind of mounting if you please the idea of deluge dripping from somewhere above and enjoy washing your entire body.

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