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A Wood Toilet Seat: The Choice For Nature-Inspired Bathrooms

The toilet seat should be not only convenient and practical, but also eye-appealing and well-combinable with the rest of the bathroom interior. Toilet seats made of wood or timber-based materials are rather popular, especially in bathrooms designed in styles that require ubiquitous use of natural materials. Examples of such interior styles are Country, Chalet and Scandinavian.

Advantages Of Wood Toilet Seats

A toilet seat made of wood is highly aesthetic. The rich texture makes it a stylish interior constituent imparted with an intense decorative effect. Natural wood is an environmentally friendly material of superior quality, due to which such a seat has good useful lifetime.

The item will absorb neither moisture nor smells, as the manufacturing process involves various preservative treatments. Also, wood toilet seats are mildew-resistant and rot-proof.

slow close wood toilet seat

Varieties & Variations

The broadest price and product range allows every homeowner to select a piece to suit his or her liking, budget and interior. The variety of wood species entails the variety of wood toilet seats. In the middle market, oak, birch and pine are the most popular materials for manufacture of toilet seats. The upmarket segment offers exclusive wenge, mahogany, ebony and zebrawood pieces.

white wood toilet seat


Wood toilet seats are not strictly classified by shape. The majority of items offered in the market are oval or semi-oval. Practically, this variant is the most convenient and safe. Unconventional bathroom interiors sometimes feature wood toilet seats shaped as a rectangle, strawberry or heart; rather popular are pieces resembling music instruments. For safety reasons, wood toilet seats always come with rounded and polished edges.

The lid of the wood toilet seat is where designers have a vast scope for their imagination. The cover of the seat is often adorned with pyrogravures, marquetry, incrustations, decoupage illustrations, hot stamping, hand-painted ornaments, carved pictures and other examples of decorative arts.

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