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Porcelain tiles for bathroom: Exquisite Wall & Floor Finishing

Porcelain tiles are a popular way of finishing walls and floor in the bathroom. This type of tiling has been used for decorative purposes since long ago. Being expensive and royal-looking, the material can add up a luxury vibe to your bathroom interior.

Porcelain tiles are offered in a moderate range of colors. However, designer’s porcelain collections of tiles can appear as an exact imitation of natural stone, granite, marble, metal or even wood.

porcelain tile for bathroom floors

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Applied to the bathroom floor, porcelain tiles are able to successfully withstand the impact of your feet without losing a drop of color or visual appeal. Porcelain is the perfect tiling material for the bathroom floor, as it boasts a very low rate of water absorption and requires no polishing. It’s extremely easy to clean: wet mopping will suffice.

Choosing porcelain tiles for bathroom floors, opt for a practical light-colored finishing material. When the water drops and small splashes dry up, the floor will display no ugly stains. Therefore, you will not need to do the mopping too often. Experts recommend non-glazed matte-finished tiles, as their surface is slightly grainy – thus, slip-proof.

On the other hand, a bathroom floor finished with glazed dark porcelain tiles is impressive and unconventional. However, the drawback is the need to mop it each time you’ve had a bath – unless you enjoy beholding water stains.

wood porcelain tile bathroom

Wall Tiles For Bathroom

Finished with porcelain wall tiles, bathroom walls become the focal point of the interior. There are three major ways of applying porcelain tiles: floor-to-ceiling finishing, floor-to-window tiling, and accentuation of functional areas (the sink, the bathtub, etc.). The first and second options are particularly suitable for a compact bathroom, while a spacious interior offers a vast scope for designer’s imagination. The mosaic finishing is beautiful and unusual, but porcelain tiles are too durable to be easily cut into mosaic pieces.


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