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Small Corner Tubs Compact Yet Functional

If you dislike taking shower baths because of the need to stand, but your bathroom is too tiny to fit in a regular bathtub, your perfect choice is a small corner fixture. Such tub models are quite usable and functional, which helped them to earn confidence of designers and home-owners.

Modern corner models of bathtubs offer both visual appeal and ergonomic use of the bathroom space. Even a small tub has a bowl deep enough for you to enjoy a hot bubble bath after a hard day. The choice of corner fixtures is moderately good; you’ll definitely find a tub that suits your liking. Corner tubs often come completed with additional functions, such as hydro-massage or glass doors for convenient shower baths.

small corner bathtub dimensions

Shapes And Materials

By shape, corner tubs are traditionally divided into three groups: flower petal, truncated water-drop and sector of a circle. Designer’s collections sometimes include small corner bathtubs shaped into triangles, asymmetrical polyhedrons or trapezes, often with rounded or beveled angles. All models (except for symmetrical tubs) are offered in two variants, with either right or left long side of the bowl adjacent to the wall.

New shapes of bathroom fixtures became available after introduction of modern materials, such as glass or composite alloy. However, traditional materials stand their ground firmly.

corner soaking tubs for small bathrooms

Widely used in the 20th century, cast iron regains its popularity nowadays. Unlike a couple decades ago, today cast iron bathtubs are offered in a variety of shapes and colors. The material is extremely heavy, reliable and durable.

A steel corner bathtub is almost feather-light in comparison with the above type. It’s a budget-friendly option, which has but a single drawback: hot water loses its temperature quickly in a steel tub.

Acrylic corner tubs are affordable, lightweight and time-proof. Exploiting this material, designers of bathtubs create their most unconventional and out-of-the-box solutions. Fragility is the only disadvantage of an acrylic tub.

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