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Bronze Bathroom Faucets The Classic And Noble Vibe

In classic bathrooms, usage of metals of value is one of the most popular solutions. Some designers believe that bronze accessories work for the benefit of the interior better than silver or gold.

Properties Of Bronze

Bronze is an alloy involving tin and copper, sometimes with additions of zinc or manganese. Copper plays the major role in the alloy, accounting for 90-98 percent. The less copper is present in the alloy composition, the more light-colored the material becomes.

Over time, bronze faucets do not lose their noble appearance, but become even more eye-appealing. In the humid bathroom environment, bronze obtains an antique-looking patina, which is known to produce a positive impact on the micro-climate.

bathroom bronze faucets

The Truth About Bronze Faucets

Deciding to purchase a bathroom sink with a bronze faucet, keep in mind that the accessory of your choice may turn out to be not so bronze. The fact is, today manufacturers offer two types of bronze-looking faucets. Pure bronze items imply high cost, high quality and great characteristics.

The other type involves taps made of brass and coated with a thin layer of bronze. Such an imitation retains good quality. It’s an affordable alternative option for those who cannot afford expensive bronze accessories.

Bronze Faucets In Bathroom Interiors

Bronze faucets are particularly appropriate in a classic bathroom interior that employs natural materials, such as wood, ceramics, metal and glass. Even if the faucets are bronze-plated rather than pure bronze, they will appear much nobler than gold-plating or silver-coating. Bronze and bronze-plated brass faucets are well-combinable with surfaces featuring the cracked glass effect or colorful glazing.

dark bronze bathroom faucets

In the bathroom, bronze taps produce the greatest impression when placed against a light-colored background. Thus, the sink should be white, beige, champagne or ivory for the strongest decorative effect. Favorable are combinations of bronze faucets with a washbowl made of glass, ceramics or bronze.

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