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Chandelier for Bathroom – The Pinnacle of Easy, Luxury Living

For most people, and in most houses, bathroom is a necessity – nothing less and nothing more. But it is also a home essential, a place where most people come not only to clean themselves up, but to let out the steam of a hard day, and to beat the stress of an indurated groove.

A small, cramped bathroom may not be the place to do that – and if a home may be aboding enough, it has at least one master bath that is designed around luxury – double jets, Jacuzzi or a claw tub. In that scenario, what matters other than the showers and the tubs, is the lighting, which needs to both highlight the affluent comfort, and create an atmosphere that is serene, harmonious, and unwinding at the same time. And the perfect way to that is through appropriate lighting, the most befitting, relevant and felicitous of which is the trend of bathroom chandeliers.

bathroom lighting chandelier

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the most commonly used are crystal, pendent and small. The defining characteristics of each style of these chandeliers would elucidate the character of the bathroom.

Chandeliers have always been a good way to define the lighting specifics, without actually spreading out the fixtures – they create an aura, a drama of light and shadows that plays with the psyche – if done right, then relaxing you, and if done wrong, then butchering the entire environ.

So when you hang a chandelier inside the bathroom, you’re aiming for the eye catching, yet relaxing front – the most feasible way to do that would be to either hang the chandelier over the bath tub, or make it an actual centerpiece.chandelier for bathroom

Making your bathroom brighter with chandelier lighting

If you’re hanging it over the tub or Jacuzzi, there are further two options. In most bathrooms, these fixtures are usually set out to the side of the bathroom, to create more leeway for circulation space. So if you’re hanging the chandelier over the tub, then the placement needs to be such that, that the entrance directly corresponds with the vision of the chandelier itself. The kind of lighting would depend on the style of the tub: if it’s stylistic, then go for the classic style, and if it’s modish, then the pendulum style would be the best way to go.

In the second case, where you hang the chandelier over the tub, the fixture needs to be freestanding – these tubs are not essentially decorative, but they do accommodate more to the modern, or contemporary style. So the chandelier for this sort of bathroom, needs to be either small style, or pendulum style – both of which come within the limits of simplicity and style. In this scenario, the chandelier becomes both functional, yet decorative centerpiece highlight.

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