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Corner Bathroom Vanity Convenient and Stylish Space-Saver for Your Bathroom

Corner bathroom vanity is a perfect space-saving storage unit that allows the homeowner to make a full use of bathroom area. It is quite compact and takes up less place comparing to a standard vanity. Bathroom furniture of this type is especially good for tiny powder rooms, small ensuite premises or toilet rooms furnished in minimalistic style.

Despite its petite size, corner bath vanity still offers enough under mount storage space to keep different bathroom supplies, from small cosmetic jars to large cleansers and detergents packages. Corner vanities are usually equipped with a doubled-up outward-opening door, which allows accessing the stored items easily.

corner bathroom sink vanity

Functionality and style

Corner vanity combines functionality and aesthetics; this small piece of furniture gives the possibility to upgrade the bathroom premise, complement the interior and add the ensuite stylishly sophisticated look. Today corner bathroom cabinets are available in all sorts of materials and finishes. Rustic wood vanity with morezzo marble sink, carved legs and antique copper hardware, contemporary wall-hanging chrome-finished plywood or MDF unit with ceramic or porcelain bowl, richly tailored floor standing solid wood ebony cabinet with granite countertop and vessel – choose the one, that fits in your bathroom interior style perfectly.

corner bathroom sink vanity units

How to choose properly sized corner bathroom vanity

Before you purchase the vanity, make sure it will fit in the bathroom corner and won’t adjoin bathroom fixtures or other pieces of furniture too close. Check the width, depth of the chosen cabinet to make sure that the area around the unit will be accessible for cleaning and you will have enough space to open vanity doors widely. Don’t forget about the height, as too short or tall vanity is quite inconvenient to use.

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