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Black Bathroom Vanity: Elegance And Modesty

A black vanity is an effortless way to transform a white and monotonous bathroom into a smart and stylish interior. The color black is substantial; it creates an elegant, sophisticated and classy vibe. Lacking shades or tones, black is a constant in the modern fast-evolving world of interior design. Furnishing the bathroom with a black vanity, you will not be afraid that the room comes out of fashion in a couple of years.

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Varieties Of Modern Black Vanities

Black bathroom vanities are offered in multiple designs: modern, traditional, antique, etc. Modern vanity cabinets are usually wooden. The most exquisite pieces may be made of the precious African blackwood, ebony or wenge. Cheaper wood species are also used; however, they require special treatment to obtain the luxurious and deep black color. Depending on the design style, the wooden cabinet is decorated with vintage ornamental carvings or other woodcrafts.

Minor elements of a black vanity, such as handles and legs, are usually metal, which makes them durable in the context of the challenging bathroom environment. The noble shine of bar-shaped steel handles will complement a minimalist or hi-tech interior. Brass or copper knobs or fancifully shaped handles make the black vanity particularly suitable for classic or rustic bathrooms.

black modern vanity

Traditionally, a modern black vanity is topped with a light-colored counter and a white sink. Intended for different styles, vanity counters are made of various materials: from granite, marble and natural stone to copper, stainless steel and even chrome. Infrequently, the vanity has a black top with a white sink, or a white top with a dark-colored washbowl. The metal tap of the sink situated atop of the vanity should match other metal elements of the furniture piece in color, shine and design.

The mirror is what makes a black bathroom vanity appear a harmonious and well-balanced part of the interior. Its shape, size and frame design should coincide with those of the furniture piece.

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