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How to Сhoose a Perfect Towel Rack For Your Bathroom

Today towel racks are available in broadest ranges of materials, shapes, colors and tones, sizes and styles. It’s quite complicated task to choose the most suitable one. To help you in dealing with such a tough choice, we’ve made a list of specific characteristics you have to turn attention to.

Style & Design

Properly selected, towel racks can add a stylish note to the interior of your bathroom. In case if you use the wooden holder, make sure that it’s tone belongs to the same color scheme with your wooden furniture or at least isn’t in sharp contrast with your timber bath shelves or. The color of metallic bathroom linen holders has to match furniture hardware color. Plastic hangers are available in all colors; don’t hesitate to use them to add some colorful bright or contrast spots.

wooden bathroom towel rack

As for the shape, it also has to fit harmoniously in your interior. Straight lines and right angles are good for the classic elegant style, semi-circles and spirals look well in contemporary style premise, ornately shaped twirls are equally suitable both for rustic and glamorous bathrooms.

Size & Configuration

Choosing the size of towels hanger, refer to the overall size of premise and supposed location of the racks. Long towel bars are good for large rooms with plenty of free space on the walls. Small hooks will help to keep towels close at hand without taking much space. The shape of the racks depends on your preferences only. You can use hoop towel holders or hook ones, long or middle-sized bars, etc. In this case, the main decision criterion is your convenience.

towel rack ideas for bathroom

Quality & Durability

The durability of the hangers depends on the material quality. Towels can be heavy enough, also, the air in the bathroom is moist, so make sure your towel rack can withstand the load and high humidity conditions. If you prefer plastic racks, choose ones made of hard material, such as solid composites, plexiglass, etc. Wooden racks have to be made of solid hardwood (avoid plywood!) and covered with a special finish that protects the wood from humidity. As for metallic hangers, better use those which are made of solid metal.

bathroom towel rack ideas

Installation type

There are wall mounted bathroom linen hangers which have to be anchored with special studs to the wall and the towel racks which can simply be attached to the surface with strong adhesives. To fasten the first ones to the wall, special hardware and tools are required. Also, you’ll have to drill the walls and install the studs. It is better to ask a specialist for help to make sure the racks are installed properly. As for the second ones, you have to use special adhesive agents, in opposite case, the hanger can fall off the wall under the weight of towels.

For people, who prefer not to fasten the hangers to the bathroom walls for any reason, there are special freestanding racks. They cost more and take some place, so it’s not the stellar choice for small powder rooms or combination bathrooms. But also, freestanding towel holder is movable and can hold up many towels, so it is a nice alternative for the big family.


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