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Corner Shower Stalls as Space-Saving Solution

A corner shower stall is a wise and rational idea for small bathrooms. It becomes a harmonious component of the interior, saving up much space in comparison with cumbersome bathtubs. In spacious bathrooms, a corner shower cabin can accompany the tub, being the option for refreshing morning baths.

corner bathtub shower

Shape & Design

A corner shower cabin shaped as a trapeze or a sector of a circle is the best option for moderately sized bathrooms. A rectangular or square corner stall works as a perfect complement to a minimalist interior. Asymmetric cubicles can be positioned in a corner of a bathroom with non-standard dimensions.

The external appearance of corner shower stalls differs in terms of style. Connoisseurs can purchase cabins designed in compliance with principles of Classic or Modern, Provence or Hi-Tech.

As for color solutions, corner showers come with transparent, opaque or colored doors and walls. For a strong decorative effect, designers sometimes use cabins adorned with silk-screen printing or encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Hand-painted ornaments on glass are also popular.

corner shower stalls

Constituents & Materials

The basic configuration of a corner shower stall includes the walls, the doors and the shower tray. Some simplified fixtures come without the pan, allowing for better visual expansion of the space.

A corner shower tray is made of acrylic compounds, cast iron, porcelain, artificial or natural stone. Acrylic shower pans are the most usable, as the material is distinguished by high heat capacity, noiselessness and wear-resistance. Marble shower trays are appreciated for their eye appeal and extreme durability.

The walls and doors of a corner shower stall are made of glass or plastic. The former option is preferable, as plastic loses its transparency and decorative properties over time. On the other hand, tempered glass used in shower cubicles is resistant to mechanical impacts. Even if the glass door shatters, there will be no sharp pieces due to the material’s peculiar structure.

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