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Bronze Bathroom Lights – Elegancy and Durability in One

Contemporary lighting manufacturers consider bronze to be the perfect material for bathroom lighting fixtures. It is one of the most durable metals, and thanks to its properties, such as humidity- and corrosion-resistance, it can be used safely under high humidity and temperature difference conditions. Bronze does not need special protective finishes. Ageing makes this metal even more stylish-looking, as it adds an imponderable touch of noble patina.

bathroom vanity lights oil rubbed bronze

Bronze lights in bathroom interior

Bronze is esteemed for its gentle warm shine; it’s not as cold as chrome, and not as pretentious as gold plating. Lighting fixtures with bronze frame look elegant and moderately rich. In combination with wooden decorative elements, such as bathroom vanities hardware or mirror frame, the illumination fixtures present uniquely beautiful design solution. However, due to its versatility bronze looks stunning combined with other materials and metals. You can place small wall mounted bronze bathroom sconces along the perimeter of the premise to create an intimate calm atmosphere or hang a middle-sized pendant with the bronze frame to the center of the ceiling if you prefer bright lighting. The illumination device made of this metal will fit in any interior style, from steampunk or rustic, to classical or chic.

bathroom wall sconces oil rubbed bronze

How to maintain bronze lighting fixtures

Another significant advantage of bronze is that this metal is quite easy to maintain. You can buy special scouring powder for bronze or prepare homemade cleaning substance (take salt and flour in equal proportion, add a bit of vinegar and mix all ingredients together until the mixture gets pasty consistency). Switch off the lighting fixture, wait until light bulbs cool down and cover them with a small plastic bag. Gently apply the powder or paste to the bronze parts and leave for 15-30 minutes. Then accurately remove the cleaning substance with the soft cloth (rinse detachable parts with warm water) and finally buff dry the fixture with a new microfiber cloth.

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