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Comfort Height Toilet – Is It Really Comfortable?

A Comfort Height Toilet is sometimes referred to as the handicapped toilet. The toilet is the one place in our homes that is greatly underrated yet it is the one room we cannot survive without.

Ever given a thought to how the elderly and the disabled use toilets? Well, your best guess must be use of a height toilet.

What’s the Best Toilet Height?

A comfort height toilet is designed with a higher seat, usually 2 inches higher than the standard of 15 inches. Many may find two inches difference being quite negligible, but trust me it makes all the difference for that elderly person who thinks going to the toilet is a punishment.

This longer height greatly allows for comfort ability. Other than comfort, a comfort height toilet mostly comes with an assisted flushing and assistance railing. These two make living for this group easier and also goes a long way in achieving unassisted toilet use.

Next time you think of buying a home for your grandparents, consider this kind of toilet. The toilet comfort height actually is just a bit higher than the regular toilet. (The average residential toilet comes in between 14″ to 16″ tall). Height of the comfort height seat is found anywhere from 17″ to 19″ high. Best seat height will be right at over 18″ but suppose you found the toilet that you liked the features like it will not clog or is the low flow type of toilet then you can go with the height of 18″ possible.

Thus, why make a Comfort choice? As it is simple getting on/off . You don’t need to have any limited mobility to appreciate a higher seat. It’s simple on legs when sitting if comfort toilet seat is in a higher range.

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