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The Standard Extra Long Shower Curtain Size Guide

In need of extra long shower curtains for your bathroom? The shower curtains come in a variety of sizes and styles. The standard size of bathroom shower curtains ranges from 72 inches to 96 inches. However, if you are in need of shower curtains extra long, then you can also go for the customization of the same.

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Shower Curtain Sizes

The standard dimension of the shower curtains is 70 X 70 inches. Though, several homeowners also go for the 72 X 72 inches dimension if they have a bigger bathing space. There is no one fixed size that would fit all the bathrooms. It would greatly depend on the bathing area in your bathroom and upon your preferences.

While determining the correct size, you might need to take two important measurements:

  • Measure the distance from the top section of your shower area to its proper length. This measurement must be taken properly where you would like to hang your curtain.
  • Take the measuring tape. Measure the dimensions horizontally across the sides of the bathing area from one wall to the other.

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People can have varied preferences upon the length of the shower curtains. Some people might wish to install extra tall shower curtains from the ceiling to floor. While some others might wish them to go from the top of the shower curtain rail or rod to some inches below the ledge of the bathtub. Usually, people wish the shower curtain rails or rods to a few inches above the floor. In case this is not your preference, then you can go for buying extra long shower curtains.

Once you are done with the measurements, you can choose the longer shower curtains rings or hooks to bear the weight. Go for the best one!

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