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Stylish Granite Sink as Natural And Artificial Stone In a Bathroom

Granite bathroom sinks suit the taste of those homeowners who admire natural materials and luxury items. Each such washbowl is an up-scale fixture, a piece of art.

Natural Granite Sinks: Pros & Cons

Natural granite sinks boast a number of advantages. Being incredibly durable, such washbowls successfully withstand adverse effects of different natures, from mechanical impacts to exposures to household cleaning products. This property of the material ensures that the granite sink will retain its impeccable appearance and decorative effect for decades. In addition, granite is environmentally friendly, so such a sink will suit a bathroom interior designed by principles of the style Eco. The rich and presentable look of granite sinks makes them appropriate components of a luxurious bathroom.

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The disadvantages of granite sinks are fewer, yet substantial. First and foremost, natural stone is definitely not a budget-friendly option. Even though granite may be less expensive than marble, the price ranges from high to higher, so such an acquisition will hit you in the wallet. Secondly, natural granite sinks are very heavy, which means you’ll need a sturdy vanity, and a team of home renovation specialists to have the fixture installed.

Artificial Granite Sinks

Unpretentious sinks manufactured from artificial granite are usually cheaper than fixtures made of the natural stone. Moreover, man-made granite is considerably more lightweight. Thus, this option retains all the advantages of natural granite sinks, while repairing their drawbacks.

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However, designer’s sinks of artificial granite may turn out to be even more expensive than washbowls of the natural stone. The material allows for creating any shapes, textures and dimensions. The resulting piece remains perfectly monolithic in structure and smooth on the surface, which cannot be achieved with natural granite. While the natural stone’s palette is limited, man-made granite can be added colorants to obtain any desirable color or tone.

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