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Ruffle Shower Curtain – The Basics

A ruffle shower curtain is the new wow factor in your shower. It is definitely the dream of any style conscious person. Anyone who treasures their shower moments will definitely love this shower curtain.

basic preset ruffle shower curtain

A ruffled shower curtain is a special type of shower curtain that has frills which add to its beauty and mass. Who would have ever imagined frills on their curtains, more so bathroom curtains? It is a shower curtain that is sewn by adding frills to it. The fabric used though is much more than the usual shower curtain. It is efficient for both large spaced and small sized bathrooms.

These shower curtains are readily available on most stores such as Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart and Anthropologie.

Amazing Curtain Options

A ruffle shower curtain is easy to make and anyone can DIY. All you need is 3 fabrics of 60 yards each, sheer, curtain rod, sewing machine scissors and sewing thread. One can get creative with the choice of colors for the fabrics.

ombre ruffle shower curtain

This curtain is simple but spells elegance, class and creativity. There are a lot of ways you can keep your body and mind fresh. How about the ruffle fabric shower curtain with the twist? Your options will include curtains with phrases and maps in the different languages. You can now learn something new when you freshen with the educational curtain.

Bathrooms often are private places in the home. Try to make the space clean as well as customized with the personalized monogram curtain. Accessible for the special order on the multiple websites, you will find many custom curtain designs.

No matter whether you like loud prints, or interested in keeping this green, there are a lot of curtain options that are available now. Great thing about the simple design is a fact that they’re the affordable way you can change look and feel in the bathroom décor.


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