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How to Make Your Bathroom Look Modish with Modern Bathroom Tiles

Are you thinking of adding some modern bathroom tiles to your old bathroom which hasn’t been changed for years? Now that you have decided to make changes you need to pick and place tiles in a way that your bathroom space looks modern, chic and spacious. Here are some quick tips for you:

Range of Bathroom Tiles

Pick the Colours Wisely

Remember trends change soon and if there is a trend of bright colours you best avoided it. You don’t want to change your tiles every couple of years. However, you can add colours around the cabinets or mirrors where lesser number will be used and can be changed easily later on.

Have One Coloured Bathroom

Average homes usually don’t have very large area for their bathroom space which is if you want to give an illusion of a bigger space and modern bathroom, tiles that are of similar colour should be used for floor and walls. Lighter colours give the look of expanded space. White is something which never grows old. Other choice of colours could be neutrals and soft pastels. Such shades are subtle and refined. Use colours along the edge of the bath-tub or mirror to add colour. Use glossy mirror style tiles they look beautiful.

New Tile Design Ideas

Bigger bathrooms can have darker shades make sure there is a lot of light else the space would look uninviting and dull.

Focus on the Floor

Use large modern bathroom tiles for your floor the surface will not only look bigger but you also have fewer grouts to clean. If space is not a problem for you then you should experiment with different tile colours. 3D bathroom tiles available these days have pretty impressive designs they give the feel of dolphins and fishes swimming around, whirlpools, undersea view with shells or floating flowers.

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