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Floating Bathroom Vanity – Makes Your Bathroom Cheezy and Classy

Maybe some of you are unaware of floating bathroom vanity. These are simply cabinets in the bathroom which are mounted with the wall. It is not descended towards the floor as compared to the other standard vanities and as an outcome, you will get the illusion that these vanities are floating in the space.

Simple Bathroom Floating Cabinet

Why prefer floating vanity over others?

Bathrooms having attractive designs and offering an open or more area are ultimately involved in lifting your mood and have a good start for your day. Therefore floating vanities are the best choice to give your bathroom a cool, attractive look along with space free area. In recent past years, these vanities have gained so much popularity due to their unique and modern designs and clean appearance. Due to the features mentioning below many homeowners adopted floating vanities for their bathrooms.

  • Since these are floating vanities so they are a better choice for an area that is smaller or tightly packed because of their hanging style they give your bathroom a larger appearance.
  • The free area beneath the vanity can be used for many purposes like to store stools and walkers for children and handicapped persons.
  • The leftover space under the vanity offers you to show up more of your stylish floor area.
  • Also, they contain drawers and cabinets to store all your bathroom accessories.

Floating Sink Cabinets and Bathroom Vanity

Final words

With the help of floating vanities for bathroom, you can express your style and personalize your space as per your needs. These vanities add more attributes to a small space area. They are simple yet stylish in design and easy to install. So, if you have finally decided to remodel your bathroom just give these floating vanities a try to be the best companion for your bathrooms.

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