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Bathroom Vanity Tops – Increases the Presentation of Your Bathroom to Next Level

One of the most difficult tasks is to choose the best bathroom vanties with tops that will not only look good but also natural and space-saving. Unlike kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops are small, adjustable, and simple enough for DIYers to install themselves. They are so elegant and delicate and possess distinct shapes and designs. One couldn’t resist fixing them in their bathrooms. These vanity tops are adaptable and you can accommodate them in small as well as in huge bathrooms.

Elegant Double Top Vanity

If we talk about style than these vanity tops mainly fall into two categories

  • Integrated tops – in which the sink is fused with the countertop material.
  • Cut-out tops – as the name sounds they have cut out openings into which the independently acquired sink is infused.
  • But for small bathrooms there falls a third category which is specially designed for vessel sinks that rests at the top of the counter. They usually have a small opening for the drain fitting purpose of the sink but sometimes they don’t even have that small hole though you can drill the hole all by yourself as per your requirement.

Vanities with Tops Portrait

It is more preferable to buy cut-out tops because you have several choices for sinks with cut out tops whereas for integrated tops the choices for sinks are limited. Vanity tops could bear either one sink or two sinks on its top. For longer vanity tops you can fix two sinks in them while for a smaller one you can fix only one sink in them

A perfect vanity top may increase the worth of your bathroom and ultimately helps in remodeling the interior and working of your bathroom. Adds more value to your bathroom and also give you an area where you can set your daily use of personal items on the countertop. So, don’t waste your time thinking just buy them and make your bathroom looks more advance.

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